is chungking express the best movie of the 90’s or am i suffering from that syndrome i feel when i watch a movie with subtitles and the lamest awkward poetic dialogue sounds so good because i’m reading it but if it were people saying those same lines in english i would be laughing OR is it because it’s so mystical and perfect even if they were speaking english it would still feel just as right?  investigation continues.

im in maryland for work now and just got back from a 3 hour round trip to go get hot dogs with bacon nacho cheese and jalapenos from the sheetz i used to go to in high school.  i drove back through what you could call my home town and it was a really eerie if not uplifting experience.  i couldn’t imagine ever living there again because it’s so much of nothing and boring country/suburbs border town, and even though it’s been almost 10 years since i graduated high school everything was pretty much exactly the same.  it’s a bummer that it didn’t get “cooler” i guess, but there were so many businesses and like “main street” stuff that people always cry about getting destroyed by walmarts that were all still there.

then i went to the house i grew up in and that got weird real quick.  it was super foggy so i couldn’t see all that far in front of me.  i got out of the car and as soon as i touched the ground all the memories of late night arrivals and girlfriends and cigarette sneaking and coming back from college all came back.  then i went to open the back door, saw the doorknob covered in thick cobwebs, and knew officially that like my childhood/youth/teen years/early 20’s are over.  i’ve always known that stuff was gone, especially since our old home is effectively abandoned, but going back and seeing the house saying no was a pretty strong feeling.

but man, those hot dogs were really good.